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Collier Communications is a Dallas-based company with a background in audio production -- jingles, radio commercials, TV commercials, and so forth. 

Your company has an opportunity to make an important and lasting impression on the minds of your customers, vendors, associates and investors every day your phone rings.

We have never been content with boring, "Please don't hang up!" messages. It has been our experience that the reason most companies broadcast these types of messages is because their provider lacks the creativity to produce something better

"Your call is important to us..."  Seriously?

Contrary to what most of our competition believes (and remarkably, sells), we know there's a market for innovative companies who understand the value of informative, entertaining, image-enhancing audio production for their business telephone.

We take your message and communicate it to your callers creatively and succinctly in a way that's unique to your business.  We have the experience and the technical know-how to produce an outstanding audio product that reflects your company's image -- to show what makes you unique; what sets you apart from your competition. 

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